At the Blackburn North Physiotherapy Centre, physios are dedicated in spending quality time assessing, treating and educating their patients. We have two private consulting rooms, to ensure privacy during the consultation. There will never be more than one patient in the consulting room to ensure quality one on one contact time.

6 Great Reasons to Choose Blackburn North Physiotherapy Centre

Private 1 on 1 service
Our appointments are in private rooms, all treatment and discussions are confidential. Lengthy Contact Time - Our practitioners spend a minimum of 20 minutes contact time with patients.
Short Wait Time
98% of the time its less than a 15 minute wait.
Hours to suit
6:30pm appointments available most weeknights, Saturday morning appointments are available.
Off street parking, and disabled ramp access. 500m from Eastern freeway and bus 286 stops right outside our door.
We practice good hygiene
Paper towels over pillows and face holes, antibacterial soaps and wipes are just a few measures we take to make sure your health is protected.